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I bought it....89 GTA 5.7 Vert

I posted on the Facebook page but deleted due to that page being public & don't like old friends knowing about my 3rd gen issues. I bought the red one out of CA that I'm sure some of you saw. This is my 3rd, 3rd gen convertible. I also own an 87 & 89 IROC as well as an 89 IROC 5.7 ttop car.
I know most don't like the verts because they "flex". The purpose of my collection is to driverify on occasion & take to shows & improve them anytime possible.
This will be my 1st GTA but I did have an 86 WS6 T/A that someone converted the outside to KITT. I was too embarrassed to ever drive that one & the furthest I ever drove it was down the driveway until sold.
I think the 3rd gen HP cars (GTA, IROC, T/A, Z28 & B4C) cars are still extremely undervalued. The GN & TTA have taken off but I'm not into all out fast cars. I drive them to appreciate the little time machine factor. I like hitting the garage door opener & seeing them in the garage on any given day & hoping in to take a drive up the road yo get s doda. I run historic plates on them, so I'm limited to 1000 miles/yr anyway.
I'm pretty excited & flying from Missouri to CA in a week to drive her home. I'll get a feel for t g e car in my 1700 mike journey. How many times do you get to take historic Route 66 in a convertible for 1700 miles!

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