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Still unsure if its a T/A or GTA


I am currently removing all the interior carpets to make sure car is in good condition as I intend to keep it for very long. I am very satisfied the only surface rust is drivers side around the small metal door where probably water seeped through and rusted. Nothing serious though. The rest is incredibly perfect.

So I do not have SPI labels and as we know the VIN wont say much. I found two job cards under the factory carpet which I am pasting below. Everything matches what I actually have.

I have a Digital Dash (1988), GTA map pocket, gold wheels, Ultima Seats, 5.7L Auto. All that doesn't match are the vents on the front fenders (which might have been replaced especially due to the fact they are not lined up 100%) and the rear spoiler which is not an aero wing (again might have been changed as according to the Job card it should be aero wing). Also a big question is the fact that I have the bottom spray colour in the car is grey with the GFX grey also. Don't think GTAs came like this no?

Anyway I welcome both TransAM and GTA. Its more about me wanting to know the reality. I cannot see the Y84 code either but from the Job Sheet I can see G T/A under Special options. Needless to say the VIN decoders also say its a GTA but I think they will say so even on a standard TransAm. Let me know what you think pls.

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