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Re: Info for 88 GTA restoration

Originally Posted by 1badGTA View Post
its your vehicle and to do with as you wish.
I personally would want to see another one restored but its your call. restoring a car is not for those with limited funds but it can be done. I dont know your financial position. you will never get out from a restored car what you put into it. that's why I bought one as original as I could get so I wont lose much.
Good point, but being that this far from a low mileage example (151,000 mi), the value factor and what i would need to put into it would be a labor of love with little road time. I want a driver, but one with some sack that i would not be hesitant to roll up against any of my friends' M3's or GTRs. May end up spending quite a bit, but I'd have some real old school cool for us "older" guys who grew admiring these cars. Hoping to go small block boosted someday and just have some fun with her
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