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1988 GTA RPO "Y11" - Frankie?

This message may go out to Frankie, since it is part due to information found on this website.

One of my 1988 GTA Notchbacks has the RPO code "Y11" listed, atleast on the PHS information sheet. It indicates that it was VIP Plus Package.

On this website, the RPO "Y11" for 1988 indicates it is a "Ring Gear, 10.50 Diameter, Dana Rear Axle"

Elsewhere on that page, it does list the "VIP Plus Package", but using an RPO code of "R1E" - R1E -- Package, V.I.P. Plus -- 4

Frankie, from what I've read about the VIP package, it was a customer package containing sheets of information, and an extra set of keys? Was this correct?

I guess I'm also curious as to why there is a different RPO code listed on this website? Since I do have the "VIP Plus Package", noted "Y11" on my PHS information, I would almost assume it is equal to "R1E" listed on this website, since I do not have the Dana rear axle - which this site lists as RPO "Y11". However, I highly doubt I have 1 of 4 cars.

My other two GTA Notchbacks do not have the VIP package.
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