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Please help! I need some pro opinions!

I just purchased a GTA as all original. The car is in great shape and only has about 41,770 miles on it. (see thread) I just recieved a folder in the mail with the original owners manual and all sorts of information in it.
To my dismay I also found a brochure and warranty card from a company called cars and concepts. Turns out the car was ordered without t-tops! The same month that the original owner recieved his ordered car and with only 97 miles on it, he had t-tops added! Why would anyone do this?
Now obviously I am very disappointed that my new purchase turns out to be not original.
My question is how much will this affect the collectable value of this particular car?
do I go back to the guy that I bought it from and ask him to buy it back since he guaranteed me it was all original?


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