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pcnetworkpro 11-26-2017 04:37 PM

1991 Pontiac Trans Am GTA. Black Exterior, Gold Cross laced rims, Grey Interior
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Hello Everyone,
New member here. Testing the waters to see if any interest in my 1991 Pontiac Trans Am GTA (real GTA y84). Ttop, auto, 305 tpi, stock, 124k miles.

Has black exterior, gold cross laced wheels, grey interior. Car has PA antique plates which means it never needs any inspections or emissions and never needs registration. I have it under classic insurance which is like 70 dollars a year.

The car runs and drives nice. I drive it regularly and always get comments. It is a "minor project" which you can restore while you drive. It will need some floor board work, paint work (if you want it perfect) and some minor interior work/mechanicals. The interior is all there and nice just faded, old. The mechanicals are brake lines, fuel lines, tires, steering column looseness, and just the wear and tear items. The engine is strong and transmission shifts nice. It has newer fuel injectors, headlight motors, trunk pulldown.

I am considering selling as I found a 89 turbo trans am I am interested in. If I cannot sell this and get my price (or close to) $3,995.00 I will just keep it for future restore as they are getting harder to find.

I am in north philadelphia area across from delaware is trenton...

Any interest just PM or email me and would be happy to discuss the car with you. Would like it to go to someone who will bring it back to its showroom glory and respect it for the history it is.

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