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REMOVED USER 05-31-2000 05:40 PM

Who has tried the "Performance Resource" chip?
I am considering the purchase of "Performance Resource's" Prom chip for my 1990 GTA. Has anyone out the got any type of info on these? On third, there is a write up on a 305 car. It ran a baseline test of 15.20 before and then a 14.67 after the chip install. This was the ONLY mod done to this car. If this is true, then this chip would be worth it's weight in gold. Imagine what this little baby would do for a 350! Can anyone help me with some info?

REMOVED USER 06-03-2000 08:43 PM

I have used that chip in my 89 GTa and 2 other GM performance cars with equal results.In my opinion, it worked for me.a friend sent his back and they gave him another one and that one was good.good luck w/ it.

REMOVED USER 06-13-2000 07:00 PM

Re: Who has tried the "Performance Resource" chip?

I also have a 1990 5.7, and i'm running the perf. res. chip. It's not a dramatic difference, but much snappier performance, especially in the mid-range.
If you plan on doing heads and a cam anytime soon, i'd wait and get a custom chip, as our cars are Speed Density and need new programming for major mods.

If you're leaving the car pretty much stock, then get the chip, it's not that much $$$, and not too big of a PITA to install.


REMOVED USER 06-14-2000 09:05 AM

What exactly is this chip? I have an 88 Gta with a 350. I want to get a chip that would make enuff difference to make it worth the money. I put a used Jet chip in it, but it turned out to be a bad chip and made my car start shooting black smoke out the back and it just messed everything up. I ran 15.2 stock with my car, so if this chip that you are talking about could take me into the 14's that would be great. Thanks Sean

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