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adonis710 04-02-2006 12:03 PM

hatch motor fixed
i finally decided to try fixing my trunk motor. i figured the motor was bad but thought i might get lucky and fix it. turns out theres a fuse i couldnt see until i pulled out the fuse panel. its not connected with the rest of the fuses and i thought it was a connector plug of some kind because there was no fuse. figured it out when i noticed it had a red/white wire just like the hatch pulldown motor. so i stuck a fuse in her and now it works.
cant believe i went so long listening to the hatch flop around everytime i hit a bump. i almost bought a new motor.
wonder where that fuse went? it must have just fallen out but the one in there now fits snug and i dont remember ever finding a stray fuse...HMMM?
fuse fairy i guess

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