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REMOVED USER 08-13-2000 09:45 PM

'Sticking' and Smoking Front Passenger Brake
I'm having a serious problem with my 88 GTA's front passenger side brake. In the last 6 months that brake would randomly 'stick' to the rotor causing it heat up and smoke as the pad wouldn't release until I hit the highway. This problem at first, only occured like once every couple months but just recently it has been doing it more and now the pad is down to the indicator and will screech very loud as the indicator digs into the rotor (which is now garbage).

I've heard that these cars have common brake line problems with them collapsing from the inside, could it be that it isn't letting all the brake fluid out and that is why the brake is sticking? Or could it be that my calipers are seizing and are screwed, I know that pre-1989 GTA calipers are single piston and 89 and up have dual piston redesigned calipers, could it be that the pre-89 calipers are garbage? Or could it possibly be something to do with my master cylinder?

Any help you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated.

REMOVED USER 08-14-2000 01:11 PM

Test: Raise front of car off ground (car cold) spin left wheel spin right wheel by hand. Is passenger harder to spin? Yes, sticking caliper replace. No take left wheel off, take caliper off rotor get a c-clamp, compress caliper fully. Put back on car and drive if it happens again, remove caliper and replace flexible hose. Only part which could cause this problem. Note when a caliper gets hotter it doesn't mean it will stick more. Let me know what happens.

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