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REMOVED USER 04-11-2001 02:18 AM

454 GTA????

Hey guys and girls i have a question for you all, is it possible at all to fit a 454 in a 91 GTA? i have a 305 now if that helps any, thanx for your time


REMOVED USER 04-11-2001 01:06 PM

Hey, I saw a 88 T/A with a 454 in it, it was in a magazine.



REMOVED USER 04-12-2001 01:32 AM

Re: 454

serious? great then that means that there is a way =) i was told that it couldnt be done

REMOVED USER 04-12-2001 11:32 PM

Re: 454
After changing the plugs with my 350, I find it hard to think a wider engine would fit well !!

REMOVED USER 04-13-2001 01:09 AM

Re: 454 GTA????
ya my Mechanic was tellin me its a pain in the ass to change plugs on the GTAs, and it probably wouldnt go in easy, but im hopin it will, just gotta save up the $$$

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