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pongta 03-17-2006 11:45 AM

Smoke from my vents?!
Hello guys...

Recently while driving to work I noticed smoke coming from my center vents and it smelt like burning plastic. I popped the hood and there was no smoke in the engine bay or any kind of smell. Got back into my car and noticed that after this happened... when I turned my fan to the "off" position, the fan now keeps running(wierd thing is that is comes out as bi-level) so I am assuming from this that their is some kind of short? When I put the a/c on or the vents/fan on... everything is fine.. no smoke or smell... however, when I have the a/c-vents turned off, then smoke comes out(like a burning match kind of smoke) and it smells like burnt plastic. This happens everytime I do not turn the a/c or fan on. Any ideas.. I am worried something worse is going to happen to the car. Thanks for any ideas.


Notch 03-17-2006 12:05 PM

Re: Smoke from my vents?!

Hey, I'm new too . . . & man do I need to pick your guys brains!! I will be eternally grateful for all replies that help me strenthen my passion for GTA's. I'll give some background in another thread, cause right now I need encouragement. Damn, not even two minutes into your forum & already I'm bringing up needs. HA! Anyways, it probably be easier if I list them. If you could, pick a couple & PLEASE share your priceless insight.
1. Ok, first of all, I have an '87 GTA tpi (350) with the 7.5
(austrailian) rear-end. It has the fully digital display dash with
command center & was told a very rare corvette torque
convertor not usually found in the GTA 700R4. Could that be
true or have I been fed a line?, cause I wanted to increase the
stall to over 3500 with a vigilante unit, but wouldn't want to mess
with an all #'s matching pontiac.
2. I am embarassed to say that although I receive complements &
thumbs up every time out the garage, I tracked my car at a 14.4.
To me, that sucks! when under the hood is a 6lb. paxton super-
charger, 1.6 roller rockers, 8a fuel lines, an accel superram with
Callaway labtop program & mandrel bent hooker super comp
y-pipe single flomaster 3in. exhaust, no? Very upset with car, &
need direction on how to change this. Surely the air/fuel needs to
be leaned, but doesn't a tune just differenchiate 1-3 tenths? I
mean with that combo & all else stock, shouldn't I be at about
350hp with 315rwhp++? I've heard of guys running high 12's with
just a tune, exhaust, & high stall on slicks . . . is this capable as
3. I know, lots of questions . . . sorry guys, really. However, I'm
racking my brain on what to do now for the last 3 or so years with
not much support by LS1 guys, them 5.0 hoodlums, or sorry to
say, the ricers. Ideally, I'd like to run low to mid 11's without
stroking the motor or NOS, using my 700R4, and retaining the
austrailian rear; is this possible???? I guess I'd be satisfied with
low 12's if naturally aspirated (remove paxton), but what route
should/ can I take?
4. FUTURE MODS/THOUGHTS & QUESTION: My idea thus far is to
purchase (off of present loan) the impellar upgrade for my
paxton & safely lean out the motor for street duty, use a 52mm t tb by ??, bolt on the Spohn 4130 torque arm with ds loop, use s strange gears.
a The second stage would be a CSR waterpump mostly just to easy s swap different cams, afr bored out 185 cylinder head units,
and ?
I don't want to stroke due to desires to keep everything #'s
matching & able to fully restore to stock; same goes for no
NOS due to the gunk it puts in your motor/ the weardown;
won't switch to newer s/c because I want to keep fully
"period correct" as well, including technologies of the 80's,etc.
Also, with a potentially rare convertor, would be willing to lose
performance for awesome & rare 1987 upgrade. The
rear-end core is to remain as well & wheel tubs/ 4-link ideas
way out of the question. I know this doesn't leave much
room with placing so many "rules," but I want a GTA! with
GTA performance, not a gutted out 20yr. newer drivetrain that
losses the history of the classiest sports car to ever grace an
assembly line, right guys? HELP ME, HELP ME, HELP ME . . .

Any help you can give me again is beyond beyond valuable to
me. Help a fellow enthusiant take pride in what was designed
to be one fast & classy TA. Also, any you guys in Chicago?;
I'd love to see a row of honeycombs rolling around some
corners together. Out of breath now, will ANXIOUSLY await all
the combined intellect of gtasource. Thanks again guys!

subliminal 03-17-2006 05:17 PM

Re: Smoke from my vents?!
If youre running a 14.4 and you have a supercharger something is SERIOUSLY wrong with your car you should be running almost mid 14s bone stock.

Edit: Check the vin to make sure your GTA is a 350 tpi, if it is a 350 the 8th digit will be an 8 if its a 305 TPI it will be F

pongta 03-19-2006 11:20 PM

Re: Smoke from my vents?!
Bump... Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.


Notch 03-22-2006 04:09 PM

Re: Smoke from my vents?!
Come on guys!!, can't anyone tell me more than my car should be running a lot quicker? That's obvious; you guys are the geniuses. Like telling me about the eight digit being F or 8 for the 350tpi. That was sweet & it is the 350 by the way. Please help where you can, that's why I joined & really don't wanna put my baby up for sale. Unfortunately, I'm sorta leaving that up to the responses I get from my questions posted. Thanks for any intellect guys . . .

FearThisGTA 03-22-2006 04:33 PM

Re: Smoke from my vents?!
I guess my first question would be are you in sticky tires or street tires? Also, what are your 60' times. I would also look at your tune. That car needs to be tuned, or at least it sounds like it to me. Also, what gear are you running? In this "vette" converter what stall is it?

White88GTA 03-22-2006 10:12 PM

Re: Smoke from my vents?!
Bigtime hijack here...


I've seen it twice.... both times my heater core took a dump.


FearThisGTA 03-23-2006 10:19 AM

Re: Smoke from my vents?!

Originally Posted by White88GTA
Bigtime hijack here...


I've seen it twice.... both times my heater core took a dump.


Yeah, and I am sorry I just wast thinkin. My apologies.

FearThisGTA 03-23-2006 10:23 AM

Re: Smoke from my vents?!
I do agree though on the heater core as well. Might look the carpet and see if its wet.

schwin29 03-23-2006 11:29 AM

Re: Smoke from my vents?!
PONG, definatly sounds like a short to ground. We can do nothing to help you from there, your going to have to retrieve some wiring diagrams and trace wires. Thats the only way to do it, get in there and find that wire.

Notch, First of all there is no set "time gain" on a Tune. What a tune is , is making sure all your parts are working together. You can build a huge motor that is to make power to 6K and then put a stock TPI intake and it will run like shit, cause it aint set up correctly. First of all did u buy the car like that or did u add all the parts. Im not going to be able to tell you exactly whats wrong with you car but i may have a few pointers. To begin , you should do basic checks on the engine, do all 8 cylinders have the same compression. You cant build up a tired motor. Since you have a supercharger..your cramming in more air. Did you put a bigger throttle body on to allow it to flow better. What injectors are you running in it.What about fuel pressure. Now the whole thing about the vette converter..i dunno about that never heard of it. So if you do get a converter just save the old one incase. Well let me start out by saying if your engine is mostly stock internals, that 3500 stall wont help at all. Why? The Max torque on those engines is around or below 3K, now if you stomp on it with that big converter your gonna miss your torque band. Your motor must be built for a converter such as a cam and intake and heads. When built and mattched properly a torque converter will jump that engine up into it the rpms where it makes the torque, launching it better, cause you dont have to work up the RPMs for so long. Also, what kind of ignition are you running, stock HEI is great for its purpose, stock. They tend to die above 4500. Do you have a hiperformance coil or MSD box. Plugs and plug wires in good shape. Might wanna call Paxton and see what they reccomend for ignition. I know this may cost a few bucks but its always nice to run your ride on the dyno for diagnostics purposes, check where and when its making torque, HP. See where it dies off, what the A/F ratio is and so on. What about you heads. Are they stock. I know im throwing aloota Q's and it may seem stupid, but when you complain that your car aint fast. There is no one reason why. This aint even close to half the stuff you should be thinking about or doing. Maybe try taking the supercharger off. Check the basics on your engine, get it running nice and smooth. Then do some research or call paxton and see what upgrades you need to goalong with the supercharger. You may need to upgrade fuel and spark considerly. I dunno if any of this helps but i am only 20, and i have owned firebirds ever since i got into cars, but i only got a few years experience with all this, but you gotta apply what you know and thing logically of what is going on. Let us know if you figure things out.

White88GTA 03-24-2006 09:21 AM

Re: Smoke from my vents?!
I'll rephrase my comment on the heater core, if it is "steam" (fogs up the windows, and is a pain to wipe off) and not exactly "smoke" then it would most likely be a heater core I would think. Although the "burning plastic smell" comment makes me think it's not. Like "freathisgta" said, check the passenger side floor, can't miss it if its leaking.

Notch 03-24-2006 01:34 PM

Re: Smoke from my vents?!
WOW! appreciate the support guys, t-r-u-l-y . . . Schwin29 & Pongta & White88GTA, thank you. Still stuck though & wanna get car running solid for this summer you know? But to answer:
* I'm running an accell superram with stock throttle body; was told there's
no reason to upgrade with paxton only pushing 6lbs.
* the compression check was done last time in shop & all cylinders level
* I believe the injectors are stock. I never changed them myself & car has
60k on it/ 9k on upgrades
* I guess the convertor is the same as any other 700r4, but with a corvette
servo as told by someone on here
* msd 6al ignition with 5200 pill in there currently & blaster coil set up. was
going to replace cap, plugs, & rotor, but mechanic said they look good
currently. so was just going to wait
* I didn't place myself but there's a secondary fuel pump outside the tank
* I have a stock rear gear in the 7.5; what was it, a 3.23? & bought mt
streets 26x10.5 on the honeycombs (16in.)
Does all o dis a help guys? Again thank yous!!, just feel bad that I haven't
contributed to anyone else's tech . . . fearful I'll just confuse the hell out of ya's anyways. Don't go where you don't belong, right? Anyway, letta me know whatcha can . . .

FearThisGTA 03-24-2006 04:51 PM

Re: Smoke from my vents?!
The more I read this the more I agree you have a short. I would pull the fuse on the a/c stuff and see what happens. If no smoke, then I would start from there. You may have to dwell into the dash to find your short. HTH.

pongta 03-26-2006 07:02 PM

Re: Smoke from my vents?!
Thanks for your thoughts.... I think your right about the short because my heater core did dump out a few years back.. and since I live in South Florida and have rarely ever used the heater, I had it bypassed.
fearthisgta... I'll take your advice and check the fuse first, thanks everyone.. and no worries about the temporary hijacked thread ;)

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