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FlameGTA 02-02-2003 11:56 PM

seatbelt clips
i saw somewhere that there was a technical service bullitan on the female end of the clips for the buttons becoming pink and brittle, but it was for camaros only, they way to tell if it was a defective one was that the button would fade and turn pinkish, well that is what the ones in my car look like, even if the TSB is out of date i was wondering if anyone knows if the button and spring are replaceable, the spring that keeps it latched in just decided to pop out one day when it got bent, and i cant find a whole thing for a camel color interrior , anyone know where i can get one trim code 62D thanks

janlarsson 02-09-2003 05:11 PM

Order 14097930, it's a complete kit for 4 seat belt recievers includes the red plastich poush button, springs and also a metal shield supposed to be used on recievers manufactured before Jan 1989 or so. This is the kit the dealers used to repair any broken / brittle push buttons as outlined in the TSB you mention. This happens on all F-bodies. I replace all 4 in my car as they were all pink in color and looked bad took me about 30 min. The kit is about $6 USD from any GM dealer. If you like e-mail me privatly and I can send some before and after pictures if you like.

This is a cheap and quick fix to does ugly lucking "pink" push buttons. I looked everywhere to replace my setup until I found this kit ... I even did my spare set I have for my 89 TTA.

Hope this helps.

Red88GTA 02-09-2003 08:26 PM

We had a discussion about this a while back and I guess this forum drops off threads after so old or when it was moved to the gmforums server. I took my GTA to the Pontiac dealer and had it installed for free since it is a recall. They had trouble finding the details about what was to be done, but they did in a day or two and called me to get it in. It is an actual recall at the dealer no matter how many miles or years.

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