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REMOVED USER 08-29-2000 07:24 PM

Cost of a replacement GTA front clip?
Hello friends,

I just wrecked my 88 GTA. I ran a stop sign that was missing (still my fault) and I need a new front piece and fenders. Has anyone had to replace these? How much can I expect to have to spend to get this redone? Do any of you have experience here?

Scott Tempesta

REMOVED USER 08-30-2000 03:32 PM

The only place other than the dealer that would have that is
I think they are a little high in price but there aroun 450.00 and 600.00

REMOVED USER 10-18-2000 08:35 PM

Re: Cost of a replacement GTA front clip?
I just bought an 88 gta that was hit by a drunk driver .except fot that, the car is perfect.I just bought everything from the dealer through my boss.1 fender,nose ,bumper support bar,upper and lower radiator support,the support is in two pieces.everything except a hood.around $800.a few body shops quoted a price of around $450 to weld in the support and line everything up.I could have went cheaper on the parts but this car is to nice.

REMOVED USER 10-30-2000 12:41 PM

replacing front
I just had the front of my 87 replaced when my (now X-wife :) ) pulled in front of someone. The total was $1,200 for: 1 new nose, 1 impact absorber, 1 fender with ground effects, 1 headlight plastic shroud, 1 fog lamp, paint/labor etc.. The guy who did the work demanded a GM front nose because he said it's really hard to get the others to fit properly. 6 months after getting the work done I moved from MO to KS. ARRRGHHHH! Only rear plates are required in KS. She would have looked sweeeeet without the front license bracket.. Oh, well, I can order vanity plates which require front and back in Kansas. Don't ask my why????

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