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Agent13 02-26-2018 08:30 PM

WTB my old 1988 GTA VIN: 1G2FW21F6JL258602

I am searching for my old 1988 GTA that I sold in 2008.

It was a Flame Red Metallic car, with T-Tops, Digital Dash, and T5.

The VIN is 1G2FW21F6JL258602.

Last I know is that it was sold on eBay in 2011, and may have gone out of state since I don't see it currently registered in CA. I hope that it is still around...

Any help would be appreciated. Finders fee would apply.

If my car can't be found I am looking for a 1987 or 1988 GTA.

The car must have:
GM (No C&C) T-Tops
Digital dash
Flame Red or Bright Red paint.

Thanks again all!!

JonBlake 02-27-2018 12:45 PM

Re: WTB my old 1988 GTA VIN: 1G2FW21F6JL258602
Good luck on finding it.

One of a few possibilities I can think of that could have happened with your car. What condition was it in? It may have been used as a donor car. It also could have been completely restored to show room condition. Or crashed and scrapped at a yard. Or, it's just being used as a daily driver, which would be your best bet in finding it again and being able to buy it back.

So, to sort of help narrow down what it's ultimate disposition is/was, two factors would be quite helpful. What was it's condition at the time you sold it and how much did you sold it for? If it was in really used condition and you sold it really cheap, chances are it's been either parted out or ragged out and junked. If it was in decent to great shape and you sold it for a higher price, chances are it was taken serious enough to restore and/or taken care of.

Regardless, good luck on finding it. I hope you do find it cause that would be a cool story to tell, that you sold a car and found it years later.

DynoDave 02-28-2018 09:55 PM

Re: WTB my old 1988 GTA VIN: 1G2FW21F6JL258602
Have you tried running a car fax on it? Might at least let you know if it's still being registered annually, etc.?

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