Trans Am GTA and other Auto-Related Links

  This section of the GTA Source Page concentrates on many of the various on-line locations of items for the GTA owner, whether research, performance, or entertainment-oriented. Some sites may pertain more to the GTA than others, but all are informative and enjoyable.

  -- Pontiac Motor Division, the company who brought you the Trans Am GTA, now proudly brings you all of the new 2002 Pontiacs........... the Bonneville, Grand Prix, Grand Am, Trans Sport, Sunfire, and, naturally........ the FIREBIRD.

Remember, 2002 is the last year for the Firebird.... so stop in your local dealership and see a new one today before they are all gone for good!

-- Pontiac Historic Services is a Pontiac enthusiast's dream-come-true. PHS offers full factory documentation for all Pontiac models from 1959 through 1990 (at present). Any PMD model ten years old or older can be submitted to PHS and the owner will receive a full information packet containing a copy of the factory invoice, official factory photo, factory ordering information for the particular year, and many other items which verify that particular model. For anyone wanting to know their Pontiac's history, PHS offers a one-of-a-kind service at a minimal expense. Check them out today!




Performance Products and Supplies

-- Lingenfelter Performance Engineering offers several levels performance for TPI owners, ranging from individual performance-tested accessories up to complete replacement TPI engine packages, suspension pieces, and other products with which to enhance your GTAs overall performance.

-- SLP Engineering, Inc. offers total performance to the discriminating GTA owner on all levels. SLP is the only aftermarket company to have ever been allowed by GM to offer factory-authorized TPI performance modifications through GM dealer networks. They feature complete TPI modification packages as well, plus a whole lot more.

-- TPIS offers excellent performance additions for your GTA, from individual parts up to complete Fast-Pack kits. They feature excellent value for the dollar spent. Check out their customer's responses on the web site and you will see!

-- Gale Banks Engineering offers years of performance expertise with both gas and diesel systems. They offer Sidewinder Turbo systems, Stinger Power Packs, complete performance exhaust systems, and other acessories for both cars and trucks. Banks knows performance; their 1987 Trans Am was clocked at over 280 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Check in with them today!

-- Summit Racing Equipment offers performance at prices you CAN afford. They offer the latest performance goodies at reasonable prices. Brands represented include Manley, Keith Black, MSD, SLP, Borla, Hurst, Mr. Gasket, B & M, plus their own line of Summit performance components. Check them out today!

-- JEGS High Performance offers all of the big names in aftermarket performance accessories, regardless of what you are upgrading on your GTA. They offer parts from such brand-name makers as Hypertech, MSD, Flowmaster, DynoMax, Accel, Hurst, and several others, plus a complete line of auto-related apparel and accessories. Be sure to check out their "TPI Goodies" section for the latest in TPI aftermarket tuning accessories!

-- The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company offers the latest in performance tire research and development, culminating in some of the best performance tires on the road today. The Goodyear Eagle performance tire series offers the widest array of tires for any and all levels of performance on today's sports cars, whether it is the new Eagle HP series or the ultra-high-performance Eagle F1. Check out their web site today!

-- The Tire Rack offers the latest in available tires for your car, whether you need a ultra-high-performance tire for your GTA or an off-road tire for your 4 x 4. The Tire Rack also offers the latest in aftermarket wheels fitted to your vehicle, as well as snow wheel-tire combinations for those days when the weather is just too much for your shiny factory alloy wheels. They offer tires by such names as Goodyear, Firestone, Pirelli, and Yokohama plus wheels by makers like Moda, BBS, MSW, and Fittipaldi. Check in for all of your wheel and tire needs!

Restoration Parts and Supplies

I have included these parts links for those of you who may, like myself, own more than one Trans Am, no matter of the generation. Most all of these suppliers are beginning to get a large inventory of GM replacement third-generation TA/GTA parts that are currently being discontinued by GM. I have personally done business with all the companies listed and have found them all to be top-notch, reputable companies and genuinely interested in helping you find just that right part that you are looking for, any way they can.


-- Classic Industries offers one the most complete inventories of restoration parts for all Firebird models from 1967-1995. Whether you need exterior parts, interior moldings, carpet, decals, engine parts, or transmission parts, Classic Industries is your one-stop Firebird parts headquarters. Look them up on-line today!

-- Ames Performance has been supplying Pontiac enthusiasts for twenty years with the highest quality GM-licensed and NOS parts available. They have an extensive array of parts available to restore your GTA to showroom condition (if it has somehow escaped that jewel-like quality) as well as accessories to customize it to your tastes as well. They are especially strong in decals and trim pieces for all Firebirds, but feature all the major parts and accessories to make your car look like new again. Check them out today!

-- The Paddock offers parts for all Firebirds from 1967-1995. They feature a good assortment of parts, both hard-to-find and commonly used parts. They have excellent prices and offer quality parts to the discriminating buyer, both GM-replacement and by selected aftermarket suppliers. Check in to order a catalog on-line today!

-- Year One offers an extensive amount of restoration parts in their huge 350+ page Firebird catalog. They feature new GM parts for Firebirds as well as aftermarket replacements built to their own specifications in order to make sure the parts fit and function like original. Anything you need will probably be included in their catalog; check in today to order one on-line!

-- Performance Years Pontiac offers restoration parts to the discriminating Firebird owner. They feature a large number of new GM parts plus selected aftermarket replacement parts. They also have a large supply of NOS GM items available; check out their web site to see the list of rare items currently available. Also be sure check out their Bulletin Board for all kind of Pontiac-oriented items, including used parts, mechanical advice and much more!


Used F-Body Parts Sites

Increasing in popularity every single day, the used auto parts business is often the only outlet available to a person looking for a particular item for their car or truck..... and the F-Body situation is no different. With parts being discontinued at an ever-increasing rate by GM and unavailable from other sources, sometimes a good used car parts vendor may be one's only hope to find that partucluarly elusive item.

Again, both of these sites are ones that I do business with regularly and highly recommend.

-- IROC/Z-DAVE Staubli offers used parts and accessories for third-generation Camaro and Firebird owners alike. A newcomer to the used parts business, Dave has compiled some of the items he has for sale on his excellent website; anything you need that he doesn't have, he will "take your order" and then locate it for you. Can you beat that kind of service, I ask you? Most places..... definitely not! I recommend Dave and his site highly; he's prompt, courteous, and easy to deal with. I buy most of my parts from him..... and you should give him a chance to make you the same deal. Check out his new site today.....!

-- Hansen's Pontiac Parts has been providing parts services to Pontiac owners for over ten years now. Specializing in 1967-1981 Firebirds, Steve also has parts for most all Pontiacs from full-size on down the PMD model range. He has many parts for the third-generation Firebirds, including parts for our beloved GTAs. Take a look today at his new web site to see the latest list of what he has available!


Enthusiasts' Sites

-- THIRDGEN.ORG is fast becoming the premier F-Body sights on the Internet and is solely dedicated to the third generation GM performance twins. Their page is chocked full of informative tips ranging from performance modifications to decoding your car's VIN Number. Check out the Message Boards while you are there; they're THE best message boards on the Web, bar none!

  -- The Trans Am Tribe is open to all Trans Am/GTA owners and features an informative, full-featured web site. The TAT also sends out an on-line newsletter on a regular basis. Click in today to register your car with the Tribe!

-- The F-Body Organization Home Page features all sorts of great info about the Firebird and the Camaro. Everything from links to classified ads to upcoming show dates and locations; this site has it all for the Trans Am/GTA lover. Check in with them today!

-- Russ Salerno's home page devoted to the 1989 20th Anniversary Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Trans Am is the on-line headquarters for anyone wanting to know the full story of these rare Trans Ams. The 1989 TATA was the fastest TA on the track since the 1973 SD455, and Russ has them covered 100%. Check in today to learn more about these cars, from history to accessories to technical data; whatever you need or want to know will be here!

-- Tom Keliher's website, FORMULA 350 TK, features his extra-sharp 1989 Firebird Formula, as well as some photos of his previous third-generation 1985 Trans Am. Tom, who is a frequent visitor and knowledgable contributor to the ThirdGen.Org Message Board, is well versed in late-model high performance machines; in fact, he has personally helped me out of a few mechanical-related jams with good sound advice. His 5.7L TPI Formula has a host of aftermarket additions too. Just about every area of the car has had the "'Tom Touch......" Visit his site today, and let him know what you think about his 'Bird. I think you'll agree it is one nice Firebird......!

- Phil Parsons has set up the premier Third Gen F-body tech site with his The Best Damn Garage On The Net. This site is filled with tech information, relating to virtually every single system on these cars, including engine mechanical, electronics, drivetrain, and more. So much information...... and so easy to uncover; the site is fantastically easy to navigate, a definite plus when it comes to sometimes-overwhelming technical info. There are also many links to other quality sites, tech-related book reviews, downloadable tech programs, and even a "gripe" section filled with many insights, some undeniably humorous, about today's world on and off the roadways. If you've got a tech dilemma that you are facing, the BDGOTN definitely has to be your first stop.

-- Classical Pontiac has a great website that caters to not just Firebird enthusiasts, but all Poncho lovers. Whether you are searching for parts for the old '65 GTO or '75 T/A, marking your calendar for upcoming events, scratching your head over a restoration question, checking out the general Pontiac news, or just love Pontiacs.......... Classical Pontiac will have you covered....... Check in with them today!

-- Camaro Power is a new Camaro-based web site that is just getting started, but shows a lot of promise with what has been done so far. For you Camaro lovers out there, it looks like this may turn out to be one of the most informative sites yet! Take a look for yourself today!