The rarest of all GTAs that you will see, the final-year 1992 models were built as customer-order units only and were not produced for "dealer stock". Here are some of the GTAs that have been sent in to the Source Page representing the last year of GTA production.....

David Silva's 1992 Trans Am GTA

David's GTA was the Spotlight feature car for August 2003 and has some interesting additions made to it by the car's original selling dealer. Still, it is once nice looking GTA in one of the more striking colors PMD offered during the GTA's waning years.

Gary Whitby's 1992 Trans Am GTA

Gary's GTA was a past Spotlight feature car here on The Source Page, and also was the winning 1992 entry in the Canadian GTA Owners contest a couple of years back. Really a beautiful car, and I love this pose....

Anthony Arredondo's 1992 Trans Am GTA

A great view of a RARE last-year GTA color; Anthony's car was the June 2001 GTA Spotlight Feature Car

Karl Van Lith's 1992 Trans Am GTA

Dirk Timmerman's 1992 Trans Am GTA

Dirk is the founder of the ThirdGen.Org website, one of the meccas of on-line F-body knowledge. His car has been fitted with an ASCD Ram-air style hood..... it really adds to the car's appearance.

Jeff McBride's 1992 Trans Am GTA

Jeff's car was one of the first to be submitted to the Photo Galleries here at the Source Page right after the page went on-line in November, 1997.

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