Troy Baigent's 1989 Trans Am GTA

Troy sent in this nice shot of his '89 GTA along with this note: "Hi, Frank. Here is a photo of my 89 GTA. Hoping you could put it on your site. I have owned it since August '04 and have added a few things such as Flowtech headers and a Flowmaster exhaust system, a Godzilla performance chip, a cold air intake, and of course a new 300 hp engine this past summer. Anyway, I hope to see it posted soon." Troy, here it is....

Justin Kafal's 1989 Trans Am GTA

Justin submitted this fantastic shot of his '89 GTA from Ontario. This four-wheeled beauty has only 36,000 original miles on it and is still completely stock from end to end. Justin's owned his GTA since the fall of '05, and I'll bet he's had a great year with it too. Thanks for the photo, Justin!

Markus Kaltwasser's 1989 Trans Am GTA

Markus sent in this great shot of his '89 GTA all the way from Brugen, Germany.... proving yet again that there are GTA fans from one side of the globe to the other. It's obviously a great looking car, and a pleasure to show it here in the P.G. Thanks for the submission, Markus...!

Ralph D'Ambrosio's 1989 Trans Am GTA

Ralph's GTA is one that I have been trying to get in the P.G. for some time now, and at last here it is. This shot shows the GTA's rakish profile off to its fullest degree. What a beautiful car it is.... and thanks for your patience getting it posted here, Ralph.

Brad Turner's 1989 Trans Am GTA

This car is the last one of the "Mysterious GTAs" that I posted on the front page. I'm glad now it is here in the correct P.G. Brad says " it is painted House 0f Kolor White, 5.7L V8, painted interior, Mach III wing. I have more plans for it this summer...."

Reynard Gasavage's 1989 20th Anniversary Trans Am

"I'm sending you some of my PICS 89 TTA. I live in NJ and have just recently brought this car. It's all original and only has 58 miles on it. Just 58.... NOT 58,000. I still have all the decals and emblems in the box that came with the car. The car has barely even been outside. I think it only has been outside for about 3 hours total. I would appreciate it if you could add it to your photo's of cars. Thank you, Reynard Gasavage Jr."

No sir.... thank you, Reynard. What an amazing car....

Nektar Meletakos' 1989 Trans Am GTA

"It is a 1989 GTA 5.7 litre, auto. T-TOP All Options minus Leather and CD. 90000 km. Updated to date: SFC, No cat, 24lb injectors, Adj. Fuel pressure regulator."

Looks great to me, Nektar. Keep up the good work there....

Mark Schmelzer's 1989 Trans Am GTA

"My car is a 1989 GTA, flame red metallic with tan leather int, it has a 350 CI TPI with a 700r4. It only has 38000 orig miles on it, the only thing that has been done to the motor is a set of underdrive pulleys that I put on (Im not real crazy about them). I am the third owner of this car. The second owner only had it a year and didn't want to part with it but he needed something else (kids). I have the window sticker and all the original paperwork on this car from where it was shipped to and to who bought it and how much he paid for it. I have never driven this car in the snow or even the rain, in fact in the 2 summers I have had this I have only put a little over 2000 miles on it. I would like to see the car in your owners photo galleries page."

Here you go, Mark. Thanks for the photo.

Eric Bucsok's 1989 Trans Am GTA

Hailing from Philadelphia, Eric's GTA is.... well, as you can see, not exactly stock. He sent a intensive description of the car along with the photos he sent in, but it's too lengthy to list it all here. Suffice it to say that the car is HEAVILY modified..... Thanks for the photos, Eric!

Kirk Von Breueckwitz's 1989 Trans Am GTA

Kirk's GTA sports a race-inspired paint and stripe job; his GTA was the March 2001 GTA Spotlight Feature Car

Steve Ciregna's 1989 20th Anniversary Trans Am GTAs

Steve is fortunate enough to have a pair of 20th Anniversary Trans Ams; these sharp cars were the February 2001 GTA Spotlight Feature Cars

Tom Aufiero's 1989 Trans Am GTA

A great shot of Tom's GTA; this car was the October 2001 GTA Spotlight Feature Car

JP Juntunen's 1989 Trans Am GTA

"Hi Frank! My name is J-P Juntunen and I'm from Lappeenranta, Finland. Here is a shot of my '89 Trans Am GTA. I bought it in july 2001, year before I get driver's licence... I just couldn't wait.. ;-) It's bright red (re-painted in summer 2000 with original color) and has Beechwood interior, and t-top."

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