Brett Campbell's 1987 Trans Am GTA.

Brett has been VERY patient with me on this addition....

"I am a 42 year old guy from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia and who has been lucky enough to have finally bought my dream car, a Trans Am. I finally decided to pay a bit more on a complete car needing little work ( I am not a restorer) and have purchased an '87 GTA 305 4 speed auto with 64000km from an elderly gentleman. I had read that a gta was a better model to buy rather than just a standard model. I have had to touch up a few things but other than that it is in immaculate condition and I love it and am very proud of it. There are a number of clubs over here but the car would still be a little rare to own in my area. I have therefore sent you just one picture of my dream car with my gorgeous wife cathie standing next to it, who also loves the car (which is a good thing) and leave it up to you as to whether you post it on your site."

Brett, it's all good.... so here you go. Thanks for the patience.

Joe Krizan's 1987 Trans Am GTA.

The subject of the October '03 Spotlight feature here on The Source Page.... Joe's '87 GTA is quite simply what everybody who comes here wants their own GTA to be: the absolute best in every way, shape, and form. A really beautiful example of the GTA's inaugural year....

Everyone should have the chance to see this car, really....

Taylor Dane's 1987 Trans Am GTA.

Taylor sent along this note.... "I detailed the motor back by repainting the plenum the same color of the car, Flame Red. The car was repainted back in 96, and still looks that good. Alot of complements on that color and paint job. It gets alot of attention.."

Looks great so far! Hopefully we'll see more of this car very soon....

Justin Rischak's 1987 Trans Am GTA.

Justin sent in a LOT of info on his car.... "My name is Justin, i have a 1987 GTA.....a few little modifications though. i ripped the 305 and built and engine worthy to the car from scratch.......4 bolt main, bored to 30 over, forged crank and rods with aluminum pistons with a compression of 9.6:1. I converted the rear end to 3.73 from the stock 3.23 and put in auburn gears for the differential. it has small block chevy aluminum heads machined to 2.02, a steel hydraulic roller cam with 1.6 ratio rockers, I modified the TPI up to 26lb/hr injectors with a 58mm Holly TBI and an SLP Ram Air induction package. Its got Edelbrock TES headers with a full flowmaster double chamber muffler setup. I aslo outfitted it with an SSM frame kit with ladder bars, subframe conectors and a crossmember strut tower and x-brace. its got a federal mogul double roller timing set. I also dropped a centerforce dual friction clutch and aluminum flywheel along with a hurst short throw shifter. It runs low 11's at the track......hope you like it."

Terry Beasley's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Terry is a regular patron of the Message Boards, and sent in this great shot of his '87 Gunmetal GTA. What a nice looking GTA! If only Fred could look so good..... *sniff*

Abraham Beaudry's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Abraham hails from Puerto Rico.... and sent in several shots of his '87 GTA. When you have so many good shots of such a nice looking car.... it can be hard to select just one to post here in the Gallery. This one was one of the best of the bunch. A really beautiful car.... one he is rightly proud of.

Jeff Czekay's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Now here is a real-life rolling piece of artisic expression! What an eyepopper.... I can't imagine all the looks that this GTA draws. Jeff sent a nice bio on the car; maybe we'll see more of it soon here on The Source Page....

Chris Brooks' 1987 Trans Am GTA

Chris sent in this shot of his new '87 GTA a while back for the P.G. I think you'll have to agree it's sure a nice looking first-year GTA....!

Chip Ramey's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Chip sent in this shot of his '87 GTA and sent a little info along as well.... "the GTA has the 350 under the hood with the 700R4 ans the stock 3:23 gear in the B/W rear end. It also has a K&N air filter in the airbox...."

Great looking GTA, Chip. Thanks for the photos.

Brad Duff's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Brad's GTA is one of the early production run of cars built with the 1987-spec "Euro" side mirrors installed; this excellent GTA was the January 2002 GTA Spotlight Feature Car

Here's some info on it: "The car came from the factory with "European" paddle mirrors, both the 350 TPI motor and T-Tops, six speaker sound with built-in amp, full digital dash, and has 53,000 original miles. Everything is still stock and is going to stay that way. There has been a lot of controversy about the T-Tops with a 350 TPI motor, but I have checked all of the papers and it did roll out of the factory with both options. I have also been told that my car is one of a few that sports the 1st run of the 16" GTA wheels."

Colton Young's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Colton's GTA is one of the nicer 1987 models I've seen; his sharp car was the May 2001 GTA Spotlight Feature Car

Rick Oram's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Steve sent in some great shots of his GTA for the P.G.: "I have included a picture of my '87 GTA totally originally with the exception of the two front tires and the battery. I'm the original owner and the car has 34,000 miles. It's originally an Upstate NY car for half its life, the last 7 years its been in Georgia. I have included a picture from this past summer on the Blue Ridge Parkway just south of Asheville, NC what a drive!!! Thought maybe you could put the picture on your website."

Gordan Dobyn's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Gordan sent in this note on his fine GTA: "This is a picture of my 87 GTA. It is a 5.0 TPI with a 5 speed. It is completely original with 32,000 miles. I'm going to start making some minor modifications soon, probably starting with the exhaust."

Ryan Gick's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Ryan sent in this info on his GTA... sounds promising to me: "A few of the mods include: 350 Roller Block .040" over, LT1 PM rods, Main Studs, Hyper pistions, TFS Twisted Wedge ported heads, 1.5 roller rockers, Xtreme Energy 224/230 hyd. roller cam, Accel Superram Intake, Edelbrock Hi-Flow lower, 52mm TB, LS1 25 lb/hr injectors, 92 TPI Speed Density Engine Computer w/ custom chip, 4L60-E electronic automatic w/ 2295 stall, 94 S-10 PCM for trans controls w/ custom chip, LS1 aluminum driveshaft, 3.73 7.5" gears, Auburn Pro Series Limited Slip Diff, 28 spline axles, Hedman Headers, 3" flowmaster cat-back, 3" Silverado factory cat-converter, much more..."

Zack Sanders's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Here's a bit of info on Zack's car: "Hi, this is my '87 GTA with an automatic transmission and the 350 engine. The car is basically stock except a K&N Air Filter and a S&M shifter. The GTA has all the factory options on it like power windows, overhead console, and ect. I got just this weekend for about $3900US. I plan to do some mods to once I find a job. All and all, I'd say I have the best looking car in my high school parking lot."

Dave Young's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Dave sent in a little info on his GTA.... here it is:

"1987 Trans Am GTA, 305 5spd artic white hardtop, Borg Warner 3.45 rear, Grey cloth interior. K/N filter, Hypertech Airfoil, ADS super chip, High flow cat,3" walker pipe to a Dynomax Super turbo muffler.

I got my car on October 31st 2000 and it's my first car, i've allways wanted a Trans Am ever since i first watched Knight Rider. It is the former car of one of your members Patrick Ma. I bought the car off of him for 4800$CND.I love Trans ams and i love my GTA. I plan on selling it and getting a 1989 GTA with a 350 and dual cats. The faster the better. Thank you, Dave Young."

Jason Russell's 1987 Trans Am GTA

"This is my 1987 Trans Am GTA. It has 112k miles and is very pampered. It has a L98 350 dropped in from an 87 Corvette with a 700r4 automatic. The only mods so far are a K&N air filter and an Accel Super Coil. It has the digital dash, power everything, power lumbar seats, red interior, the rare (or so I'm told) gold Firebird center caps,and I've removed the emblems for a cleaner look and the Mustangs don't know what hit them... (they think it's just a regular Firebird with the aero package). Anyway, I love your website and would love to see my pride and joy on it soon. Yours truly, Jason Russell."

Keith Wilson's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Here's a little bit about Keith and his GTA....... "Hi, My Name is Keith Wilson From Ohio, could you please include my 1987 GTA in the photo gallery section on your web page...? Mods so far are TPIS air foil, K/N air filter, Flowmaster exhaust and ADS computer chip. Also B/M shift kit. The car runs strong and only has 69,000 mi on it. Thanks, Keith Wilson, Gallipolis Ohio."

Stephen Mariano II's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Stephen sent in this brief description of his unique car..... "It is a 350 TPI that is stock accept for the Edelbrock headers and cat-back exhaust. It has a thermo runner chip, a K&N air filter, a modified mass air flow sensor,and an air foil. It has a digital dash, it is teal with a tan interior has an overhead console, electric rear view mirror, PDL, power trunk, power mirrors, PW, pushbutton heater controls, lumbar seats all the usual toys. My future plans include installing a 10 bolt disc 3:73 rear end out of an '84 TA, a five speed and possibly t-tops."

Dave Bub's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Dave submittied this commentary along with his car's photo: "I also own a 87 Trans Am GTA. I got it real cheap for the condition its in. The only bad part is it has 98,000 miles on it. But the engine runs really strong. It has a 305, grey interior, rear drum and front disk brakes and a limited slip rear end. I want to get it repainted soon..... there's some spots that need to be repainted."

Nobile Joseph's 1987 Trans Am GTA

"Quick Bio: 1987 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA, White with tan interior, 350 TPI, Auto, digital dash, 4 wheel disk brakes, posi rear. Modifications: Lowered 2" with Eibach springs and poly bushing, 17" Boyd billet wheels with Goodrich Comp T/A tires, K&N filter and Koni shocks."

Brad Earp's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Brad sent in this photo of his 1987 GTA..... along with this commentary:

"Three of my favorite things. My 1987 GTA, W.V.U. Mountaineer Field, and my wife Cindy, who is in the front seat but ducked her head when this picture was taken. The car was originally owned by my stepfather Bob who sold it to me in 1993 with 48k miles on it. The car now has 79k miles on it. Looks and runs great. I will send a picture of the engine also. Great site..... lots of good stuff!"

Matt Zackman's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Matt just sent in this great shot of his 1987 GTA..... and these words about it:

"This is my 1987 GTA. To my amazement, I found the car with 38K original miles last summer. The car is bone stock, sporting the 5.0 TPI and a 4-speed automatic. It has all the options, grey cloth interior, t-tops, digital dash, and overhead console. Unfortunately, I am currently attending college, so it stays outside. The car looks sharp and would like it to be a part of the Page. Thanks, Matt."

Here you go, Matt.....

Mark Quigley's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Quite simply one of the most beautiful GTAs I've ever seen, Mark's car is a fine example of the GTA's inaugural year of production.

Joe Coopers's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Joe just sent in this sharp photo of his 1987 GTA, along with the following commentary.....

"Joe Cooper - From a 35 year old GTA owner - 1987 GTA with 350 TPI - All options but T-Tops - JEGS six pack chip installed - K&N filter - true flow exhaust and a fantastic stereo sub system. (Stereo came with car :) - Garaged in winters"

Great photo, Joe. Thanks for sending it in.

Kirk Collison's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Kirk is the new owner of Dawn and Ted Lurkins' 1987 GTA..... Here's his commentary..... "Kirk Collison's 1987 GTA. Love the car! A routine oil change a the local Quikie Lube drew a crowd as every employee in the shop appreciated the cars appeal and condition. The car has 39,000 miles (62,000 km.) and is a 5.0L automatic with t-top. The car is in near perfect condition. Since purchasing the car, I added a Pioneer DPH -410 head unit, Infinity Kappa Series 6x9's. Rockford Fosgate 4x2's and a Phoenix Gold 180W amplifier to power the existing 10" sub. The factory deck and speakers will stay close by as I want to be able to restore the factory system at any time. As it is now winter in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, it looks like I will have to wait until the spring to enjoy this car. "

Ben Forney's 1987 Trans Am GTA

I'd say this is quite a good looking car..... wouldn't you? Here's the story on it:

"My name is Ben Forney and this is my 1987 Trans Am GTA. It has all the goodies, 5.7L 350 TPI, new 700r4 tranny with shift kit, K&N filtercharger, Crane Cams, 4" pipe running to dual Flowmasters. Interior is brand new, and loaded. everything from the digital dash to the over head compartments and little flashlight. Car has 100k miles on it, and it runs mid 14's in the 1/4 at around 95mph. Just bought this little beauty for $2800 US dollars. What a slick first car :-)"

Indeed, Ben..... What a first car! Congratulations.....

Brian Burgi's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Here is Brian's GTA in the P.G........ at last! We had a bit of trouble getting this and another picture, but here it is..........

Here you go, Brian........

Sindre Henriksen's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Sindre sent in this photo from Norway.......... isn't this just a fantastic shot? The lines, the look, the scenery.......... oh, and the backdrops's not too shabby, either, eh?

Sindre, thanks for the shot.........

Bryan Pugh's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Bryan sent in this photo of his customized 1987 GTA. I do have to say that this is one sharp customizing job, Bryan........... Good work!

Daryl Love's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Daryl sent in a little bit of info on his GTA....... " My GTA is a 1987 5.7 liter, 350 car. I am the second owner; it has 51,000 miles on it. I entered it last summer in the Dream Cruise Car Show at the Michigan State Fairgrounds and won the Judge's Choice award. Hope to see it on your page soon."

Here it is, Daryl......... and thanks for sending in the great photo........

Jason Hudek's' 1987 Trans Am GTA

Jason's GTA, in his own words, "is an 87 305 700R4 (yes, its numbers matching 305 auto!) with a ZZ3/4 cam and Flowmaster cat-back among the usual bolt-ons, and its soon to receive a 'hogged out' plenum, Accel runners, and SLP headers. It should be a mover."

Sounds like it will be........... VROOM!

Roberto Acciaioli's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Roberto submitted his GTA's photo from Quebec, along with the following description......... "Hi there, my name is Roberto Acciaioli and I live in Montreal, Quebec. I had to have this car when I found it because of its features:
- Mainly because it had only 75,000 KMs! It now has 77,000 KMs and is now in storage for the winter (since November).
- It is a 1987 model, the first production year of the GTA.
- It has the digital-dash option.
- It has a 5.0L TPI engine, always running on Castrol Syntec.
- It was never winter-driven.
- It was owned by a woman.
- It's black on black.
- K&N filter and Dynomax exhaust (Incredible sound!).
- Very sticky 16 inch Bridgestone Potenza's (255 in back and 245 in front)

* For those who really have a good eye, you will notice there is no GTA emblem on the driver side. It was stolen and was replaced after the pictures were taken. In Montreal, there are many GTA's so thefts for parts and pieces is a problem....

Frits Magne Larsen's 1987 Trans Am GTA

Frits sent this shot in from Norway. Isn't the scenery in the backdrop a sight for sore eyes......... especially after all the wintery weather in recent days?

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